Adding and Removing Elements

Elements are the individual components within stripes, such as buttons, icons, and more. For example, we used this feature to add each of the images and text boxes in this article.

To add a new element, click any of the existing elements on the stripe, hover over the first option, and click the + symbol to add a new element:

This opens a menu with elements for you to choose from. The selection depends on the type of item you’re adding the element to.

In general, you can add videos, images, prices, buttons, icons, maps and dividers, as well as social media buttons, text areas, titles and subtitles.

Simply click on the type of element you want to add, and it’s there.

To delete an element, click on it. A mini-menu will open. Hover over the first option, and click on the red X and your element is gone.

That's it! You now know how to add and delete individual elements within stripes.

With this knowledge, you can add any type of element to a stripe, even if it doesn't originally come with it. This will allow you to customize stripes to your liking.